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A Few Words From the Artist
A painting is a moment captured in time. It may have taken years to create, but its effect on the viewer is immediate. This quality of spontaneous vision can mislead the viewer into believing that art emerges from the soul of the artist or that the mark of true art is effortless. In fact, art is more often than not the result of hard won struggles with many problems, some mundane, others difficult and frustrating. This process does not involve memorizing rules or techniques and the artist develops a painting by continually answering questions such as “What makes form dimensional?” “How can air be represented?” “How does light flow?” Each painting creates questions and has answers which apply not only to that specific picture, but to all pictures.  The paintings on this website are the cumulation of over twenty years of dedicated self-study and the struggle to define form, understand light and develop a style which is now recognisable as my own. I hope to share with you through this website my passion for the British landscape and our sporting heritage.